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Artist/MakerOrigins(s)TitleDate MadeAccession No.
SpainPanel18th centuryTC 2017.1-16
Peru: South Coast, Paracas; Peru: South Coast, NazcaMantle border fragment100 B.C. - 700 A.D.TC 2017.1-15
Peru: South Coast, Paracas; Peru: South Coast, NazcaMantle fragment500 - 200 B.C.TC 2017.1-14
Turkey: Western AnatoliaBoça (made from dress or kaftan fragments)19th centuryTC 2017.1-13
Turkey: Western AnatoliaCover18th centuryTC 2017.1-12
TurkeyDress or kaftan fragmentlate 18th centuryTC 2017.1-11
ChinaFragment (for garment)17th centuryTC 2017.1-10
ChinaChair cushion [top]18th centuryTC 2017.1-9
Persia (Iran)Fragment (from a garment)17th centuryTC 2017.1-7
Persia (Iran)Fragment (from a garment)1650 - 1699TC 2017.1-6
Persia (Iran)Sleeve fragment17th centuryTC 2017.1-5
Persia (Iran)Fragment (from a garment)17th centuryTC 2017.1-4
EgyptFragment6th centuryTC 2017.1-3
EgyptTunic panel5th centuryTC 2017.1-2
EgyptVestment fragment5th centuryTC 2017.1-1
PortugalTable cover1775 - 1799TC 2016.2-15
India: Gujarat, Kutch (Kachchh), BhujSkirt fragment (ghaghara -- woman's)c. 1890TC 2016.2-14
Italy: North Italy, Venice [?]Altar frontal17th century - 18th century [?]TC 2016.2-13
TurkeyHorse coverlate 18th to early 19th centuryTC 2016.2-12
Turkey: Western AnatoliaHorse cover18th centuryTC 2016.2-11
Turkey: Western AnatoliaCover18th centuryTC 2016.2-10
Turkey: Western Anatolia; Made for the Russian marketCover1700 - 1735TC 2016.2-9
TurkeyCover18th centuryTC 2016.2-8
PersiaGarment fragment17th centuryTC 2016.2-7
PersiaMat [?]17th century [?]TC 2016.2-6
PersiaBag for Koran1700 - 1735TC 2016.2-5
PersiaMat or table cover (made from a garment fragment)17th centuryTC 2016.2-4
EgyptWall hanging fragment5th centuryTC 2016.2-3
EgyptFragment5th to 8th centuryTC 2016.2-2
EgyptStole fragment4 - 7th centuryTC 2016.2-1
Persia (Iran): Isfahan [?]Hanging19th centuryTC 2015.3-9
Persia (Iran)Matlate 17th to early 18th centuryTC 2015.3-8
Persia (Iran)Mat17th centuryTC 2015.3-7
TurkeyCushion cover (yastik)17th centuryTC 2015.3-6
Turkey: Western Anatolia, Üsküdar (Scutari)Cushion cover (yastik)18th centuryTC 2015.3-5
England; or Scotland [?]Hanging1880 - 1930TC 2015.3-4
India: Gujarat, Kutch (Kachchh)Shawl (chador -- (woman's)1865 - 1899TC 2015.3-3
India: Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar areaMat (made from Amlikar Kashmir shawl fragments)1835 - 1865TC 2015.3-2
India: KashmirShawl, moon (chandar)c. 1820TC 2015.3-1
Persia (Iran): Northwest Persia, TabrizPrayer rugc. 1850TC 2014.4-4
Turkey: Western AnatoliaPrayer rugearly 18th centuryTC 2014.4-3
Turkey: Western Anatolia, GordesPrayer ruglate 17th to early 18th centuryTC 2014.4-2
Syria: AleppoPrayer mat18th centuryTC 2014.4-1
Persia (Iran): Eastern Persia, Khurasan areaRugc. 1880TC 2013.5-8
Persia (Iran): FeraghanPrayer rugc. 1840TC 2013.5-7
Turkey: East AnatoliaRugc. 1860TC 2013.5-6
Turkey: Central AnatoliaRuglate 17th century to early 18th centuryTC 2013.5-5
Turkmenistan: Middle Amu Darya regionBag, dismantled (torba)c. 1880TC 2013.5-4
Persia (Iran): Southwest PersiaTable cover (sofreh)c. 1870TC 2013.5-3
Persia (Iran): Southwest PersiaRugc. 1880TC 2013.5-2
Turkey: Western Anatolia, UshakRuglate 17th centuryTC 2013.5-1
Italy: VeniceChasuble (part of)1600 - 1699TC 2012.4-11
FranceRug1930 - 1939TC 2012.4-10
Caucasus: Azerbaijan, Kuba areaRugc. 1850TC 2012.4-9
TurkmenistanBag face (joval)c. 1820TC 2012.4-8
Persia (Iran): West Persia, FarâhânPrayer rugc. 1880TC 2012.4-7
Caucasus: North DaghestanRugc. 1812TC 2012.4-6
Turkey: Eastern AnatoliaRugc. 1840TC 2012.4-5
Turkey: Western Anatolia, GördesPrayer rugc. 1700TC 2012.4-4
Turkey: Northwest Anatolia, Manastir [?]Rugc. 1800 or earlierTC 2012.4-3
Turkey: Eastern AnatoliaCarpet1800 - 1850TC 2012.4-2
Transylvania; (Romania [?] or Hungary [?]); Anatolia: Western Anatolia, Kula; Made for exportPrayer rug1600 - 1699TC 2012.4-1
Peru: South Coast, Nazca areaMantle600 - 800TC 2011.7-16
Peru: North Coast, ChimuPanel1000 - 1476TC 2011.7-15
Palestine: RamallahHeadcloth (khirqah -- woman's)1850 - 1899TC 2011.7-14
Greece: Aegean Islands, Dodecanese Islands, RhodesValance18th centuryTC 2011.7-13
Greece; or TurkeyPrayer cloth18th - early 20th centuryTC 2011.7-12
Greece: Aegean Islands, Cyclades Islands, NaxosTable cover [?]c. 1840TC 2011.7-11
Turkey: Western AnatoliaRugearly 19th centuryTC 2011.7-10
Turkey: Northwest Anatolia, ÇanakkaleRugc. 1800TC 2011.7-9
Turkey: Southeast Anatolia, ReyhanliRugc. 1830TC 2011.7-8
Romania [?]; or Balkans [?]Rugmid 19th centuryTC 2011.7-7
FlandersWall hanginglate 16th centuryTC 2011.7-6
Caucasus: South Caucasus region, Karabagh Kazak regionRugc. 1840TC 2011.7-5
Persia (Iran): Northeast PersiaRug1850 - 1880TC 2011.7-4
Caucasus: South Caucasus region, Moghân PlainRugMid 19th centuryTC 2011.7-3
Caucasus: South Caucasus region, Moghan Plain [?]Rugc. 1800TC 2011.7-2
Turkey: Southeast AnatoliaRugmid 19th centuryTC 2011.7-1
Persia (Iran): Southwest PersiaRug1875 - 1899TC 2010.6-19
Persia (Iran): Northwest PersiaRugc. 1860TC 2010.6-18
Persia (Iran): Northwest Persia, ZanjânRugc. 1870TC 2010.6-17
Persia (Iran): Khurasan regionRugc. 1870TC 2010.6-16
Persia (Iran): Northwest PersiaMat1830sTC 2010.6-15
Persia (Iran): Northwest PersiaBag facec. 1850TC 2010.6-14
Persia (Iran): Northwest PersiaRugmid 19th centuryTC 2010.6-13
Persia (Iran): Southwest PersiaRug (gabbeh)c. 1800TC 2010.6-12
Persia (Iran): Southwest PersiaRugc. 1880TC 2010.6-11
Persia (Iran): Northwest Persia, Sauj BulâqRugmid 19th centuryTC 2010.6-10
Persia (Iran): SennehMatc. 1820TC 2010.6-9
Syria: AleppoMat1860sTC 2010.6-8

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