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Artist/MakerOrigins(s)TitleDate MadeAccession No.
Middle EastSashlate 19th / early 20th centuryTC 74.1-20
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, Ravni KotariOuter garment (zubun -- woman's)1900 - 1930TC 78.3-3, t1
Yugoslavia: Croatia, DalmatiaBag (made from chemise sleeve)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-140
Thailand; or BurmaBag (woman's)TC 92.10-236, t2
Yugoslavia: Croatia, BaranjaCap (kapica -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-131
Greece: Aegean Islands, Dodecanese Islands, AstypalaiaChemise border (pokamiso -- woman's)late 19th centuryTC 92.10-199
TurkeyNapkin (yaglik)19th centuryTC 91.18-42
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, Konavle region, CilipiChemise sleeve band (woman's)1900 - 1930TC 78.3-4, t2
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, ObrovacOuter garment border (man's or woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-123
Yugoslavia: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia, Kotar VarosKerchief (woman's)late 19th / early 20th centuryTC 92.10-125
Yugoslavia: Croatia, PosavinaCap (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 78.3-15
Yugoslavia: Bosnia-Herzegovina, BosniaChemise sleeve (woman's)late 19th / early 20th centuryTC 92.10-126
Yugoslavia: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia, SarajevoBlouse sleeve (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-192, m1
AlbaniaVest (jelek -- woman's)late 19th centuryTC 92.10-106
Burma (Myanmar)Bag (man's or woman's)TC 92.10-60
Yugoslavia: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia, Mrkonjic GradKerchief (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-133
JapanPriest's robe (kesa)TC 92.10-282
Yugoslavia: Croatia, SlavoniaShirt front (part of -- man's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-57
Yugoslavia: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia, Kotar VarosChemise front (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-129
TurkeyDress, wedding (bindalli -- woman's)1875 - 1925TC 78.3-75
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, ObrovacKerchiefearly 20th centuryTC 92.10-124
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, Ravni KotariApron (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-120
Yugoslavia: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia, Kotar VarosChemise sleeve panel (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-127, m2
ChinaRobe, court / semiformal (man's)c. 1875 - 1900TC 92.10-238
Yugoslavia: SerbiaShoe (man's or woman's)c. 1930sTC 92.10-82, m1
EuropeCap (woman's)mid to late 19th centuryTC 92.10-239
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, Ravni KotariApron (pregaca -- woman's)1900 - 1930TC 78.3-3, t3
Greece: Central GreeceHat (man's)c. 1930s (?)TC 92.10-81, t6
Spain: Toledo, LagarteraDickey (woman's)late 19th / early 20th centuryTC 92.10-104
Yugoslavia: Serbia, Kosovo-Metohije, Kosovo PoljeChemise fragment (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-158
Greece: Central GreeceJacket (fermeli -- man's)early to mid 19th centuryTC 92.10-81, t1
ChinaShoe for bound foot (woman's)c. 1880TC 92.10-84, m2
TurkeyNapkin (yaglik)early 20th centuryTC 74.1-7
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, Ravni KotariCap (crvenkapa -- woman's)1900 - 1930TC 78.3-3, t4
ChinaCoat trim (woman's)early 20th century (?)TC 92.10-88, p3
Thailand; or BurmaSarong (unsewn -- woman's)TC 92.10-236, t4
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavinalate 19th / early 20th centuryTC 92.10-58
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, Cazma area, Sava River valleyCap fragment (poculica -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 78.3-14
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, Konavle region, CilipiChemise front (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-205, p1
Czechoslovakia: Slovakia, Moravske Lieskove or BosacaApron, wedding (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-66
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Vardar, Skopje area, DracevoChemise (kosulja -- woman's)1900 - 1930TC 78.3-28
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, Konavle region, CilipiChemise front (woman's)1900 - 1930TC 78.3-4, t1
Greece: Aegean Islands, Dodecanese Islands, KosBed curtain fragment (sparver)18th / early 19th centuryTC 91.18-8
India: Sindh, TharparkarSkirt (part of -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-6, p2
Czechoslovakia: Slovakia, CicmanyShoe (woman's)1900 - 1937TC 78.3-37, t10, m1
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Dalmatia, ObrovacChemise (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-258
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Zegligovo, KumanovoKerchief (woman's)c. 1920TC 92.10-246, t7
Bulgaria: Sofia, Samokov-Ihtiman areaChemise skirt border (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-230
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Kicevo, KicevoChemise sleeve (part of -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-154, m1
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SisakBelt (pas -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-255, t5
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Bigla, SmilevoChemise (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-252, t2
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Bigla, SmilevoApron (wedding -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-252, t3
Yugoslavia: CroatiaApron band (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-29, m2
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Slavonia [?]Shirt front (wedding -- man's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-55
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, Sunja-Sisak areaBelt (woman's)late 19th / early 20th centuryTC 92.10-116
TurkeyCoat (woman's)late 18th / early 19th century (?)TC 92.10-237
Pakistan: SwatHeadcloth (phulkari -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-8
Bulgaria: SofiaChemise sleeve panel (woman's)late 19th / early 20th centuryTC 92.10-227
Yugoslavia: Serbia, Kosovo-Metohije, PecHeaddress (part of -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-232
AlbaniaTrousers (shallvare -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-251
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Vardar, Skopska Crna Gora regionBelt (kolunce -- woman's)1900 - 1937TC 78.3-19, t5
India: PunjabHeadcloth half (phulkari -- woman's)late 19th centuryTC 92.10-9
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Vardar, SkopjeJacket or vest fabric sample -- man'sc. 1930TC 78.3-29, t2
TurkeyNapkin (yaglik)19th centuryTC 91.18-43
ChinaInsignia square (5th degree civil official -- silver pheasant)c. 1825 - 1875TC 92.10-90
RomaniaBelt (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-180
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SunjaBelt (pas -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-253, t6
Greece: Peloponnese, Corinth, PerachoraChemise (pokamiso -- woman's)late 19th centuryTC 92.10-264
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Bigla, SmilevoSash (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-252, t5
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SunjaApron (zastor -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-253, t2
Greece: Macedonia, Salónica, KavakliChemise border or chemise sleeve fragment (pokamiso -- woman's)late 19th / early 20th centuryTC 91.18-3
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Bigla, SmilevoKerchief (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-252, t6
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Bigla, SmilevoHeaddress, wedding (sokaj -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-252, t7
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SisakSkirt (rubaca -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-254, t1
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SunjaCap (poculica -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-253, t4
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SisakKerchief (woman's)c. 1930sTC 92.10-22
ChinaSleeve bands (uncut -- woman's)c. 1870sTC 92.10-87
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SisakApron (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-254, t3
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SunjaBlouse (oplece -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-253, t3
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Slavonia [?]Cap panel [?] (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-137
Yugoslavia: Macedonia, Pelagonija, BitolaJacket (man's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-242
AlbaniaTrousers cuff (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-225, m1
Czechoslovakia: Moravia, VlcnovShirt fragment (man's)late 19th / early 20th centuryTC 91.18-14
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SisakApron (zastor -- woman's)c. 1930TC 92.10-255, t2
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SisakCap (poculica -- woman's)c. 1930TC 92.10-255, t3
Yugoslavia: Croatia, DalmatiaStocking (woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-144, m2
Yugoslavia: Croatia, Posavina, SisakKerchief (peca -- woman's)c. 1930TC 92.10-255, t4
Yugoslavia: Croatia, BaranjaDress (rubina -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-256, t1
Yugoslavia: Croatia, BaranjaCap, unfinished (kapica -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-256, t3
Yugoslavia: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia, Kotar VarosChemise (kosulja -- woman's)early 20th centuryTC 92.10-257

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