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Artist/MakerOrigins(s)TitleDate MadeAccession No.
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Franciscan Monk at the church on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel1967FA 2016.55
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)ISRAEL. East Jerusalem. June 1967. Israeli soldiers, who recaptured the Old City from the Jordanians during the Six Day War, triumphantly carry a confiscated portrait of Jordan's King Hussein. On the right are the old ramparts of the city, on the left is the wall of the Rockefeller Museum1967FA 2016.56
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Female protesters chanting, Londonderry, Northern Ireland1971FA 2016.57
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Picnic on the Morton Street Pier at the Hudson River, New York City, USA1970FA 2016.58
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Last inspection before the Lord Mayor's Parade, London, England1973FA 2016.59
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Wedding of Prince and Mate, London, England1981FA 2016.60
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Support America's Policy in Vietnam. Hard Hat Rally in Down Town Manhattan, New York City, USA1970FA 2016.61
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Africans with tools, Ivory Coast, Africa1995FA 2016.53
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Indische en zeeuwse vrouwen bij de winkel van H. de Koning (Indian and Zeeland women at the shop of H. de Koning)1964FA 2016.54
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Bruhl, North Rhineland. The waiters prepared for a reception inside the Augustusburg Castle1965FA 2016.62
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Civil parade in front of city hall, Kiel, W. Germany1965FA 2016.63
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Crowd, Bonn, W. Germany1965FA 2016.64
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Working man has his lunch in Tel Aviv1968FA 2013.100
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)New York Jewish community protesting in front of the United Nations building during an "anti-Zionism" vote, New York City, USA1975FA 2013.101
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Soldiers stand guard outside of beauty boutique, New Haven, CT, USA1970FA 2013.102
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Anti-war gathering at government building, Washington, D.C., USA1971FA 2013.103
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)USA. New York. 1972. Feminist demonstration1972, printed laterFA 2013.104
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Anti-pornography demonstration, Times Square, New York City, USA1979FA 2013.105
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Tornado-damaged home, Xenia, OH, USA1974FA 2013.106
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Home damaged by fallen utilities pole, Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA1972FA 2013.107
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Stop sign in residential neighborhood, Beacon, NY, USA2005FA 2013.108
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Nurse holding anti-pornography sign, Times Square, New York City, USA1979FA 2014.221
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Elderly man with cane sitting on steps, New York City, USA1972FA 2014.222
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Preacher on the street, New York City, USA1980FA 2014.223
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Vietnam veterans against the war, Washington, D.C., USA1971FA 2014.224
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Young girl at Women's liberation demonstration, New York City, USA1970FA 2014.225
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Woman standing in front of tribute posters, World Trade Center, New York City, USA2002FA 2014.226
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Memorial teddy bears hanging on fence, World Trade Center, New York City, USA2001FA 2014.227
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Teacher and his class in a religious village school, Beer-sheba, Negev, Israel1967FA 2015.63
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Disabled people on ramp, Israel1994FA 2015.64
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)People marching through the street, some playing drums, Sfat, Israel1968FA 2015.65
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Samaritans at prayer on Mt. Garazim, Israel1968FA 2015.66
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Blind people in a workshop, Qiryat Gat, Israel1968FA 2015.67
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Public prayer demonstration, Washington, DC, USA1971FA 2015.68
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Religious music on the street, New York City, USA1980FA 2015.69
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)People outside a home damaged by flood, Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA1972FA 2015.70
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Candles and flowers on the site of 2 victims along the Chattahoochee River, Atlanta, GA, USA1981FA 2015.71
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Music group in New York old age home, New York City, USA1954FA 2015.72
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Jazz Funeral, New Orleans1965FA 2015.73
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Police breaking up a civil rights demonstration in front of the United Nations building, United Nations, NYC1963FA 2015.74
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Woman sitting and smoking in richly decorated lobby of Hotel Normandie, Deauville, France1964, printed laterFA 2015.76
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Gay protest slogan spray-painted on monument, Washington, D.C.1971FA 2015.77
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Dutch ladies, Holland1964FA 2015.78
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Newspaper in puddle on day of royal wedding of Beatrix to Claus, Amsterdam, Holland, March 10, 19661966FA 2015.79
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Georgian women hold meeting in Georgian synagogue, Israel1973FA 2015.80
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Hassidic Jew walks in courtyard, Jerusalem, Israel1972FA 2015.81
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Haifa Symphony Orchestra rehearsal, Israel1967FA 2015.82
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Yemenite woman with palm frond, Israel1968FA 2015.83
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)A Hassidic merchant driving his truck of goods to be delivered, London, England1971FA 2015.84
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Posters advertising May Day rally, Londonderry, Northern Ireland1971FA 2015.85
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Woman walking past British soldiers, Londonderry, Northern Ireland1971FA 2015.86
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Man drinking coffee at Salvation Army on the Bowery, New York City, USA1966FA 2015.87
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Crowds of men huddled, talking, NYC, USA1954FA 2015.88
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)New York City. 1978. Officer Steve Krajci puts on a bullet proof vest as he prepares to make his rounds to stake out a nearby building.1978FA 2015.89
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Police question a man found sick in the street1978FA 2015.90
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Police arrive at a shoot-out. New York1978FA 2015.91
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Homicide in a food store. The clerk was shot dead for the few dollars in the till1972FA 2015.92
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Murder in the garage of a lavish apartment building. New York1972FA 2015.93
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Harlem, death from overdose. New York1972FA 2015.94
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)The "shooting gallery"1979FA 2015.95
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)"Ghetto Brothers" with Black Power in the centre of jacket shows the gang the youth belong to1972FA 2015.96
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Policeman checks for vital signs on a drug addict being taken by police in Times Square, New York City1972FA 2015.97
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Woman who jumped to her death with hypodermic syringe in her hand is searched by policeman in morgue, New York City1978FA 2015.98
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Woman found hammered to death in bed, hands cut with a razor by her common-law husband, Harlem, New York City1972FA 2015.99
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Police Station (Police at bars of jail cell)1972FA 2015.100
Freed, LeonardU.S. (1929 - 2006)Beekeeper, Slovenia1996FA 2015.101

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